Step 1: Make the head shift

Make the head shift

There are many ways you can start off a new relationship, but a fairly important first step is to be in the right head (and heart) space. This means you need to know a little bit about yourself and be aware of what you bring into a relationship – the good and the bad!

How willing are you to having your assumptions tested? We all assume so much a lot of the time. Are you open to letting go of (often well intentioned) ways of looking at the world – for example, about who needs help and why they need it, who brings the most into the relationship, and who stands to gain?

We have so many stories going on in our heads – often untested in the real world of relationships.

The biggest leap we can make is to suspend judgement – at least, just for this moment of trying out something new.

These two videos show us just how oppressive and limiting a single story can be, and how we can use the power of connection to transform our worlds in particular, as well as the worlds of others. We think it is enormously important that you watch them before going any further on this journey.

If you have watched these videos, read some or all of the stories and advice of people that have already formed such relationships and you are still interested in doing this, you are ready for Step 2.