Child development: What you need to ask/talk about

Start by simply asking her how the child is doing? What are the moments of pride and happiness she has had? Does she have any concerns? You might then ask her a few questions around themes for the developmental phase that the baby/infant is in now (consult the resources listed below). For example, if she is pregnant, ask her how she is feeling, whether the baby is kicking etc. If the child is an infant, is he sitting or crawling already, does she need to run around after him a lot etc. You could (in a sensitive way) weave some helpful information into the conversation. Ask her if she has any questions or if she needs information on anything. If you don’t know the answer, tell her you will find out and let her know. Also ask yourself: are there any small ways in which I can help her to feel more confident as a mother and which will enhance the development of her child at this stage?

Here are some resources that you can consult to prepare you for the conversation:

  1. Cape Town Embrace has created a very handy interactive infographic for the different developmental phases during the first 1000 days. Simply click on the phase, see what needs to be done and click to read the background information.
    embrace phases
    Download a printable version of this infographic: ENG | AFR
  2. We know that talking to babies plays a critical role in terms of their brain development. ‘Talk with me baby’ is an American website offering helpful tips and ideas for babies up until the age of one.
  3. Love talk sing read play is an Australian website providing practical ways for parents to bring together all the aspects of child development into everyday experiences.