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There are many things that we can do to improve South Africa, but evidence from around the world shows that there is one thing more than anything else, that can lead to:

Greater Equality, Better Education, Better Health, A Stronger Economy, A Better Society With Less Crime, Public Violence And Greater Social Cohesion

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If your hopes and dreams are to live in a South Africa where this is a reality, please take the next 7 minutes to watch the video below – not only to find out what this one thing is and how you can contribute, but to be inspired.

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Here is a quick guide showing how each of us can start changing South Africa by making sure more children have the possibility of reaching their life potential.

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In the following section we offer a host of practical ideas, tools and inspiration that you or your organisation can use to start creating change for the children in your community – and ultimately for this country.

What are the simple things that each of us can do to change the country?

Love to read

Help children to love reading and stimulate their language development.

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support a mother

Support a mother during the crucial First 1000 Days of her child’s development.

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Help more people do it as well

Help more people to get involved.

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Be inspired: Ordinary people share the simple things that they have done to make things better in South African communities, and the big difference it has made.

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