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Be inspired: Ordinary people share the simple things that they have done to make things better in South African communities, and the big difference it has made.

Pumla JayiyaPumla Jayiya

Pumla Jayiya

Chief Ngwenyathi DumalisileChief Ngwenyathi Dumalisile

Chief Ngwenyathi Dumalisile

Peter Takelo and Ann HarriesPeter Takelo and Ann Harries

Peter Takelo and Ann Harries

Joy OlivierJoy Olivier

Joy Olivier

Josh CoxJosh Cox

Josh Cox

Camille QuineCamille Quine

Camille Quine

Brenda RhodeBrenda Rhode

Brenda Rhode

John NicholsonJohn Nicholson

John Nicholson

Raven BennyRaven Benny

Raven Benny

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Things to note in your story:

  • Many people see the problems, difficulties and hardships that affect the lives of others but not many people actually get around to doing something about this. What motivated you to start something and move into action?
  • Of the many things that you could do, how did you come to do this specific activity?
  • Can you give some realistic insight into the process of doing something for the greater good – how people reacted, how you got people involved, how it impacted you and what made you keep going at it?
  • What has organisation/project meant to you personally and what do you think it has meant for the people who work with you?