Mobilise and inspire others

Countless books have been written addressing the topics of mobilising and inspiring others, but to us – in the context of contributing to a social environment that supports the optimal development of children – it is about three things:

1. Leading from the front


In your attitudes and behaviour:
be the change that you would like to see
Focus on what you are truly passionate about
Do what you are suggesting others should do
Lead by example

2. Sharing information, knowledge and passion

Never underestimate the value of simply having sincere conversations with people about what you care about and what you would like to do – your passion will shine through and that is really inspiring!

That said, formal presentations, community media and social media are powerful tools that you can use to reach and mobilise more people. Click on the boxes below to access resources that you can use on different platforms. We have also included some guidelines on how best to approach this.

Our best advice

Social media posters

How to engage the media: a quick guide

Media samples

Great presentations: do’s and dont’s

Helpful slides

What will bring the next big change in South Africa (video)

How can each of us start changing South Africa (infographic)

The power of reading for pleasure (infographic)

The amazing potential of young children (presentation podcast)

Facts on the first 1000 days

What children need to grow a love for reading and writing

How adults can stimulate early language and literacy

A growing baby – what is important at different stages

Websites to visit and social media pages to follow

3. And creating opportunities for participation and contribution


We think that people who take initiative and create the space for others to participate and contribute, are special (well, definitely in our books!). We love discovering such people, celebrating them and working with them – you can be inspired by some of them here.

If you are one of these special people (see above), how can you create opportunities for participation and contribution around the development and support of children in your community? Here are some ideas:

Start an interest group

Get people who are interested in supporting children together (online or in person) and put your heads together to come up with ideas on how to do this in your community.

Get people to do
things with you

For example, starting a reading club, supporting pregnant mothers, hosting an event or making social media posts.

Host events

Events are great opportunities to create awareness and to fundraise. There are endless ideas for fun events and fundraisers on the internet – just ask Google and Pinterest!


Some people really do not have the time or the inclination to participate, but children need books, toys, happy spaces etc. If they want to contribute financially to that – fantastic!

Ask people to help

If you know someone has a specific skill or a resource that would be helpful, ask them if they would be willing to help.

If things develop to the point that you think it would be best to officially start a Non-profit Organisation (NPO), we have some further resources that can help you:

DGMT NGO Commons
DGMT Growing Confidence